Five Steps to Going from Traditional Grocer to Multi-vendor Marketplace

Launching a multi-vendor marketplace is a major undertaking, but many traditional grocers are taking the leap. To understand why, look no further than consumers themselves. Modern-day shoppers are turning to multi-vendor marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart when a need arises, foregoing search engines altogether. Such shopping habits can be attributed to convenience, coupled with brand recognition and loyalty. But while consumer demand for multi-vendor marketplaces is high, the process of building one is time consuming, costly, and a drain on company resources.

In this playbook by Nautical Commerce, a platform that develops multi-vendor marketplace infrastructure, grocers learn the ropes of launching a marketplace in under 90 days, including:

  • How to broaden product offerings without investing in untested products
  • Best practices for establishing vendor partnerships
  • How to capitalize on buyer data to increase revenue

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