How To Save Money, Drive Efficiency, and Boost Safety with Fleet Telematics

Today’s transportation companies are rethinking how they manage their vehicles, tractors, trailers, and/or cargo. This is due to several factors, including rising fuel and equipment costs, a lack of certified truck drivers, customer demand for faster deliveries, continued supply chain disruptions, and rising transportation costs. This is placing increased stress on fleets to be more efficient than ever.

This webinar delves into the primary challenges that today’s fleet owners and managers are facing and explains how a complete telematics solution can help you work through these challenges. It will illustrate how telematics can help you:

  • Improve trailer utilization and reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • Boost sustainably in a world where transportation accounts for roughly one-fifth of all global CO2 emissions
  • Improve safety on the road—both for drivers and for those around them



Bill Westerman

VP of Product Management

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